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i am 24 years old and live in louisiana. i am pregnant and am on medicaid.  they do help with alot but due to financial situations i have neglected my teeth. i am told to have a healthy baby i must have healthy teeth and gums.  i have went to my first denist appt only to leave in tears. i am trying to see if there is any assistance for the other 8,000 dollars i need to acomplish this.i do work and make good money but with all my bills and saving to be able to take my 6weeks off after i have the baby, money is very tight. i think i make to much money for free dental assistance but not enough to be able to cover it. if anyone can offer any help i would greatly appreciate it. the procedures are not cosmetic they are medical, to ensure a healthy, full-term baby being born.    thanks so much

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Hi Angellove ,

The information that I have so far for any dental challenges is on this page , as well as the Dental help pages 1 and 2. Have you had a chance to check the resources out on these pages yet ? I keep adding more to these pages as soon as I find information . For now , though , please check them out for your dental challenge.(look under links section on this page )

sincerely ,


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Hi I am a 44 year old single mom, I have been looking for help now for 3 years, I am disabled due to sever Asthma and other lung Problems. I do have state insurance, however they do not cover dental. I need to have all my teeth removed due to the med's and my health,Most of My teeth have been breaking off at the gums for 2 years now. My doctor even gave me a note saying I really need to have this done, and it needs to be done more then likely at the hospital. however I can not afford to pay for this and my insurance don't cover it. at this point, I am always sick. I really think that most of my health problems are due to my teeth. I keep looking for ways to get this done, as much as I would love to have dentures, I would be happy just to get these teethe all out.  I live in Westminster MD. any info on how I can fine help would be very appreciated.

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Hi shelraeg

It just isn't fair that someone who works for a non-profit , giving their time to help others , doesn't get the benefit of care themselves. I will be working on the dental pages the next couple of days , so I will see what I can find.


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Hi Sarah3

There isn't a page for South Carolina yet because I haven't found anything for that state yet. I will add a page for SC as soon as I find something. I am currently working on the dental pages , so maybe in the next few days. No promises , but I will see what I can find.

As you know , it is very hard to find dental assistance in any state at the moment. It is such a sad thing that our government sends millions of dollars to help people outside of our country , but leaves those of us who are hurting in the states without help.



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Elaine of TSA
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Why isn't there a dental help listing for South Carolina?

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I am seeking free/low cost dental for myself and my son in rural southern nevada. I am about 90 miles outside of Vegas and live in a town that has a new dentist who charged me $400 to get one of my sons teeth pulled since I worked for a nonprofit that didn't have affordable insurance much less any dental insurance.

With everything else that is going on in my life, just getting some work done on my teeth would help my esteem. Our family genetically has bad gums. My mom never took me to the dentist but 2 times my entire life probably because she never had dental insurance and like her, I will need dentures in the next year or so just to eat.

ANY information would be appreciated! THANK YOU!

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Hi hurting mouth Here is a page that I just started for dental help in NC. It just has 1 source , so far ! soulight

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